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Welcome to the home of:

Kevin & Janet Cummings
20 Briarwood Road
Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

This system is currently:

We currently have a number of other PCs on our internal network for me, Janet, and the kids all sharing resources from the main server (Email, printer, disk space, http proxy, etc) via SAMBA. The home network is a 10/100-Base-TX network running off of a Lynksys WRT54G wireless router and a Linksys EZXS55W 10/100 auto-sensing switch. (I also have an older D-Link DSS 5+ Switch II 10/100 auto-sensing switch that I use from time to time.) The family's internal machines all run MS-Windows XP Home (no VISTA here!) and use the TCP/IP network drivers in order to talk with kjc386. I, myself, have 2 mobile devices, a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 PDA, and an R Cubed Technologies S96J laptop (and yes, they both run Linux!) The PDA connects to kjc386 via a USB cable, and syncs over a usbd network. The laptop uses the wireless network in the house.

SPAM email is beginning to become a problem. SPAM is not welcome here. To that end, I am now using the SPAM Blocking services of SPAMHAUS Spam Block List, the SPAM identification of SpamAssassin.ORG , and the new email sender authentication service SPF on all incoming emails to this machine. I have also started using Greylist , an email relay-delay spam blocker. The basis behind this service is that zombie spams will not retry after receiving a temporary failure, while legitimate email servers will honor the temporary failure and retry the email within a reasonable amount of time. If SPAM email continues to be this bad, I may yet impose a fee in order to receive them.....


I also run SETI@Home in my machine's spare time. Check out its progress

Fedora Linux uses the Apache httpd daemon to provide WWW services. It contains many bug fixes and improvements over the NCSA httpd it was originally based on.

  1. The Apache home page
  2. The comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix newsgroup
  3. The Fedora home page
  4. Local Fedora Documentation

On 09/25/05, we took a day trip to Plymouth, MA so Sean could see some restored World War II airplanes. Check out the pictures here .

On 06/25/06, we took a day trip to Barnes Air National Guard Base to see the Air Show, starring the Blue Angels . Check out the pictures here .

On 03/03/07, Janet took Sean into Boston to see the USS John F. Kennedy on its final farewell visit to Boston. Here are the picture she took of the trip.

On 05/10/07, Sean's Bronze group music class performed at the Fuller Middle School Spring Concert, held at the Walsh Middle School. I got a quick movie of the 2 songs they did, Hot Cross Buns, and Mary had a Little Lamb. Enjoy!

On 07/06/07, we made a family trip to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA. You can find the picture we took of the trip here .

On 08/18/07, we held a Surprise 75th Birthday party for my Mom. Look here for some pictures. Photographers of note include (but not limited to): Karen Smart , Allison Cummings , Michael Cummings , and Cheryl McGraw . Enjoy!

I am currently out of work. My resume is available in PDF , html , and MS-word formats.

Today's NetComics (only accessable from my local network.)


The Straight Down Volleyball Club

The Framingham Outdoor Volleyball Group Signup Page

The Hampton Beach Weekend Volleyball Group Weekly Signup Page

The Hopkinton Competitive Volleyball League Weekly Signup Page

The Westborough Volleyball Daily Lunchtime and After Work Signup Page

Visit Kevin's Home Page for Links that I find useful and fun!

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