Kevin Cummings

20 Briarwood Road Framingham, MA 01701 Phone: (508) 872-3164



QUALIFICATIONS – Pr. Software Engineer/Systems Analyst in IT Industry

“A Rare Find: True systems software engineer with problem solving skills”



Accomplished Software Engineer with Hardware experience and over 20 years of expertise in all phases of the Software Development.  A detail oriented, self motivated IT Professional who has a successful track record for managing projects from inception through completion including scheduling, program design, implementation, cross department coordination, and testing while using technology efficiently to meet the cost saving/reduction goals of the organization.  Has experience leading and motivating winning development teams on projects across multiple systems platforms.  Analytical thinker and team player possessing strong problem solving skills with the ability to identify and translate business requirements into an effective IT solution.



Qualifications Summary




Operating Systems:  Fedora Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP/UX, PRIMOS, VOS, Windows, DOS

Languages:   C, C++, PL/1, FORTRAN, Modula-2, PASCAL, perl, python, BASIC, COBOL, awk, HTML, PHP, JAVA, ALGOL, Unix Shells, LISP, SNOBOL , XML

Software Tools:  Office, ANTLR, YACC/Lex, Bison/flex, Deremer, RCS, SCCS, subversion, Eclipse, Make

Hardware Platforms:   PCs, Prime, Stratus, Sun, HP, IBM, MIPs, Raytheon



  • .Parsers/Lexers 

  • .Compiler Writing 

  • .System Configuration 

  • .Analysis 

  • .Project Leadership 

  • .Real-time Programming 

  • .Maintenance Releases 

  • .Testing 

  • .Debugging 

  • .Project Management 

  • .Programming 

  • .Embedded Programming 




Radio Mobile Access, Inc., North Andover, MA                                           Apr – Jul. 2012


Software Development


Independent Contractor



The Fabric Place Basement, Natick, MA                                                           Aug - Oct. 2011



PC installations

Independent Contractor

Installation of Windows software on refurbished PCs for printers/cash registers



Rapid Realm Technologies, Hopkinton, MA                                                      Feb. - Oct. 2006



Software Development

Independent Contractor

Ported existing grammars from Visual-Parse++ to ANTLR.



The Fabric Place, Framingham, MA                                                                        Feb. - Apr. 2003



Database maintenance

Independent Contractor

Cleaned-up Richter database







EMC Corporation/Data General Corportion, Southborough, MA    Feb. 1999 - Oct. 2001



Firmware maintenance

Principal Software Engineer

Maintained Clariion Storage Array firmware on AMD and PPC platforms



Peritus Software Services, Westborough, MA                             Jan. 1994 – Dec. 1998



General software maintenance & Y2K tool development


Principal Software Engineer (1996-1998)

Developed PL/1 compiler frontend for Y2K tool.



Software Maintenance Engineer (1994-1995)

Part of Stratus/VOS maintenance team to fix customer bug reports on an outsource basis.



Prime Computer, Inc., Framingham, MA                                        Jun. 1978 – Dec. 1993



Multiple project leadership roles and individual contributor

Principal Software Engineer (1983-1994)


Senior Software Engineer (1981-1983)


Software Engineer (1978-1981)

Achieved expert status in assembler and hardware architectures





BS Computer Science:        Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute



Training:                        FUDcon 1 -  Fedora Users and Developers

Conference 2005


Interest/Hobbies:        Volleyball, Open Source Code Testing, Computers


References:                Available upon request





As Principal Software Engineer: Team Member participating in Development Verification and Test (DVT) cycle for new Disk Array Hardware to ensure that the new firmware had no regressions.


As Principal Software Engineer: Designed and developed a PL/I compiler that produced Peritus Intermediate Language (PIL) to be used by various other Peritus tools, primarily the Mass Change Engine (MCE), which Peritus was using to renovate customer source code in order to solve the "Year 2000 Problem" (Y2K).  


As Principal Software Engineer: Designed and developed a PL/I Source File Corrector for use by the MCE project in order for the MCE to apply its necessary Y2K changes automatically to the source code as a part of the automated Y2K renovation.  All lexing and parsing was done using the Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set (PCCTS) and all coding was done using the GNU C Compiler (GCC).  All programs were built to run on SunOS, Solaris, AIX, Linux, and later Windows-NT.


As Principal Software Engineer: Team Member (Part of a 4 person Technical Team) responsible for identifying the proper Prime to Unix pathways for selected customers, including specifying both the required hardware and software in order to port the user's requirements from Prime Computers to Unix machines.  Target machines included SUN (Solaris), HP (HP-UX), and IBM (AIX).


As Principal Software Engineer: Team Member assigned to the Operating Systems and CPU Development groups as part of a "Tiger Team" to participate in a new multi-CPU design (8 way processors) and to make changes to PRIMOS prior to new hardware availability, including all PRIMOS code executed during system startup.


As Principal Software Engineer: Team Member participated in the Prime 2250 and 2350 Systems testing effort to ensure that all Translator Software ran correctly on the new CPUs, primarily pointing out test failures to the CPU group which indicated CPU firmware bugs found before First Customer Shipments.


As Principal Software Engineer: Lead Programmer involved with designing and implementing Prime's Modula-2 compiler.  The work on this compiler included writing a FE grammar and semantic processing phases that were used with Prime's Common Backend optimizers/code generators for their compilers.  Used Prime's LALR(1) parser generator (Deremer).


As Senior Software Engineer: Project Leader responsible for porting and refining Prime's PL/I G compiler for use as their primary Systems Programming Language (SPL), including enhancing it with new language features to optimize hardware use, including changes to SPL's grammar, semantics, optimizations, and code generation. Parsing and tree walking was done with TSI's LL parsing tools..


As Software Engineer: Project Leader responsible for re-writing Prime's linking loader to generate files in the new Executable Program Format (EPF) making use of the new Virtual Memory File Access (VMFA)support being added to PRIMOS.