On March 3, 2007, Janet took Sean to visit the USS John F Kennedy while it was docked in Boston, MA during its farewell visit. Unfortunately, neither Allison nor Cathie nor Kevin was able to make the trip that day. Janet took the following pictures anyways, we hope you enjoy them. Oh, yeah, feel free to click on any picture for the full sized version!

We had tried to make this trip last year, but we didn't leave early enough, and by the time we arrived at South Station, they had closed the line to waiting tourists for the day. This time, Janet was determined to get there and get in line before they closed it! Note the times taken from the camera for each photo for the gory details on this year's trek!

7:54 Janet decided to drive down to the Framingham Commuter Rail station and take the Purple train into South Station. She arrived in plenty of time to catch the 8:05 AM train, and they let her and Sean on early, right after they got to the station. Janet snapped this picture of Sean on the Purple Train.
9:33 The train arrived at South Station. Janet then determined that they had to take a new Silver Line bus from South Station to South Boston near the JFK. The bus dropped them off about a 1/2 mile from the start of the line for tourists. So, they walked. And they walked. And they walked, and when they found the line, it was long. It was so long, that they couldn't see the end of it, so they walked to find the end of the line. And they walked. And they walked. Janet said that when they finally found the end of the line, it was growing faster than they were walking (but, if that was true, how did they ever get into it?) OK, they finally got to the end of the line. Janet snapped this picture of one of Boston's Finest who was policing the end of the line.
9:33 OK, so Janet was getting used to using the camera. Here's a second picture she took that includes the entire horse.
9:34 It must have been boring standing in line for a whole minute, so Janet took this picture of a Hospital Ship docked nearby to where they were in line. That's one big white boat!
9:37 Yeup, its lots of fun standing in line. Here's a plane taking off from Logain International Airport, directly across the channel from where the JFK is docked.
9:40 Yeup, sure is fun standing in line. Here's another shot of Boston's Finest doing the worst to Boston's streets. Don't they arrest people who do this?
9:40 And again. (I don't know why!) Its at this point that they decided to close the line. They were estimating that the end of the line would get the to JFK just about 4PM.... Ouch!
10:28 Yeup, they've moved halfway to the turn in the line. Here is the Harpoon Brewery. Sean says they make beer in there. How does he know this? At least its a beautiful day to be standing outside. Not too cold. Not too windy.
11:25 Yeup, sure is fun standing in line. Can't see the JFK yet, but here are some cranes.
11:25 Here's a view of Boston from where are in line.
11:33 Wow! Its their first view of the JFK! Let's take a picture (just in case they don't get there by 5PM!)
12:02 Lunchtime! And they're stuck in line! Yeup, sure is fun standing in line. Janet needs to use a port-a-potty. Luck for her, there is a Dad with a couple of boys in line next to her who agrees to watch Sean while she goes.
12:08 And she's back!
12:21 Another picture of the JFK. I like how Janet has managed to take 2 consecutive pictures of the aircraft carrier 9 minutes apart and get a different telephone pole in the middle of the conning tower in each one! Artistic creativity amid ennui.
12:39 They've passed through an emtpy warehouse, and on the other side is the recruiting station. They have Navy Seals manning this table. They also have a chin-up bar, and are asking anyone who thinks they can, to do 10 consectutive chin-ups. Janet says a guy near her in line, walked right up and did 10 in a row with a problem. He got a free poster for his trouble.
12:41 Almost to the security station. (Janet was afraid to take a photo of it, for fear htey might impound the camera, so instead, Janet snapped this picture of the conning tower. Notice how the rest of the ship is behind the chain link fence? I love it!
12:47 After being screend, they are almost to the ship! Janet snapped this picture looking up at it just before they got to the gang-plank.
12:47 Almost there! 3 microns and closing! (they're very close!) This is the gang-plank. Janet is having second thoughts on whether Sean can traverse this steep slope on his own (They've been in line, standing constantly for over 3 hours at this point!) So much for getting there by 4PM! I think the estimate was a little off. They've re-opened the end of the line by this point! I wonder how the people feel who were turned away between 10:00 and 12:00 feel now? (Channel 4 interviewed at least 1 guy who was turned away in the morning, but had no trouble getting back in line after lunch!)
12:50 They made it to the Hanger Deck (that's where the gang-plank went). Here's Sean in front of an F-18 on display.
12:51 Here's a view of the back of the same aircraft.
12:55 Here's a big American Flag on display behind some handouts on the ship and the aircrat. But, instead of taking a photograph, Janet ended up taking a short 10 second movie! Click on the thumbnail to watch it!
12:56 Here's a Sparrow Missile on display. My Dad used to work on the Sparrow missile while he worked for Raytheon.
12:57 Here's the ship's seal! CV 67. USS John F. Kennedy
13:00 Here's a wide shot of the Hanger Deck. Look at how BIG the space is! And there's another one just as big on the other side of the far wall!
13:02 Time to move on to the elevator. This is how they're moving the people from the Hanger Deck to the Flight Deck! This is a moment of anxiety for Sean. He's about to become glued to Janet's leg! This is a picture of the nice officer who's going to run the elevator.
13:03 Sean is now attached to Janet's leg. The elevator is moving up to the Flight Deck. Janet snapped this picture looking up while they were moving.
13:05 The Flight Deck! Janet took this picture of the conning tower as it rises from the Flight Deck. Look at all the poeple up here!
13:07 Here's a picture looking down the deck the long way. You can almost see the front of the ship. (Hint, its where the flag is!) Notice all the tied downs embedded in the deck. Any aircraft not in use while on the Flight Deck would be tied down to these so they wouldn't be able to move while the ship is tossing in the seas.
13:08 Here's a picture of one of a fishing boat making its way back in to Boston from the ocean.
13:08 Here's a view of Boston behind the conning tower from the Flight Deck! Just to the right is an F-18.
13:12 Heres a picture of the top of the conning tower. Lots of stuff up there. Radar. Antennae....
13:13 Here's an (as yet) unidentified aircraft on display on the Flight Deck.
13:13 And a closer pitcure of it!
13:15 Another view of Boston from the aft end of the ship.
13:15 A view of Boston. The low building in the center (behind the cranes) is Boston's World Trade Center.
13:16 Another view of the harbor and another Bost Hrbour Cruise boat. The other side is Logan Airport.
13:23 A quote from John F. Kennedy meant to inspire the crew!
13:25 Here's looking up at the conning tower after descending back to the Hanger deck.
13:27 And a final view of the ship while on their way back to the Silver Line, lunch, the Commuter Rail, and home. Yeup, the 9:40 decision to shut down the line sure ws a good one!